Cinergia Cinergia
Photovoltaic Testing Solutions

CINERGIA can provide all necessary power devices for PV Inverter testing in a closed energy loop. In such a platform the total power and energy consumption from the grid will be reduced down to the losses of the power converters involved in the test, typically in the range of 20 to 35% of the power generated by the Inverter under test. In R&D, the main advantage will be the reduction of power needed: a 100kW Inverter could be tested in a laboratory with 20 to 35kW installation. In burn-in and end-of-line testing, the saving in power will be added to a significant reduction on the energy bill.

The Grid Simulator (GE+) is our full-4Q regenerative voltage source. In this field it will be used to create stable worldwide grids as well as grid disturbances. Disturbances and complex test sequences will be created by using the STEPS functionality. Through an editor included in the software, it will be possible to create deterministic test steps with a resolution down to 1ms allowing the generation of all kinds of voltage dips, voltage and frequency fluctuations. Optionally, the software can be supplied with pre-defined test panels compliant with IEC61000-4-11/13/14/28 and LVRT (please consult us for the countries available). 

The AC Electronic Loads (EL+) are full-4Q regenerative and bidirectional current sources that will simulate the RLC network in anti-islanding tests. An independent test laboratory specialized in renewable energy testing has tested our electronic load under the IEC 62116:2014 finding our product compliant with the requirements set by the standard.

Using our All-in-One device (GE/EL+ vAC) will be the most cost-effective alternative for those test platforms where the Grid Emulator and the Electronic Load are not used simultaneously.

The DC Bidirectional Converter (B2C+) can be used for functional and burn-in testing, keeping a constant rated power, and, in R&D applications, for emulating PV Panels including test sequences of irradiance/temperature variations. MPPT testing will need an external simulation system to create the effect of shadowing and using the B2C+ in power amplifier mode. 

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by Luzerta