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A combination of knowledge, experience and passion for what we do.

Intelligent energy control

CINERGIA is the result of more than ten years of experience in the conception, design, production and service of customized power electronics solutions. Our key areas of expertise include power electronics, DSP-based digital control of converters, communications and software user interface (HMI).

The origins of the founding team are in a University R&D center where we developed custom-made power converters for third party companies under a technology transfer framework. We then acquired knowledge and experience in power electronics for different types of applications.

CINERGIA’s beginnings focused on providing engineering services and customized power electronics solutions. 2014 was an important date for two reasons: we launched the standard product catalogue and the first distributors commercializing it were assigned. 2018 was the year we launched the PLUS platform, an updated and improved version of the standard line based on a new control platform.

Our Barcelona based partnership with an important online UPS manufacturer, both at an industrial and R&D level, allows CINERGIA to offer regenerative products that combine the robustness and competitiveness of a UPS with the features and flexibility of an in-house control platform.

More than 18MW of CINERGIA units supplied worldwide

Total: 18490


All-in-One Grid Emulator & Electronic Load


Grid Emulator


Electronic Load


Bidirectional DC Converter


Avionics (360-900Hz)



Providing high quality solutions is a priority in CINERGIA and our activities of Design and Production of Power Supplies have been certified with the ISO 9001:2015, the world’s most recognised quality management standard.

Our commitment is to continuously improve the internal processes to increase customer satisfaction and complying with all legal and regulatory requirements for our activity.

Quality Policy Quality Policy

You can find our products all over the world. In Europe, we have distributors in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, Baltic and Hungary. Outside Europe, we have distributors and representatives in the USA, China, Israel and Singapore. Contact us if you want to distribute our products.

CINERGIA’s team delivers quality, experience and passion to bring design and personalization to our state-of-the-art technology equipment. Our entire qualified team comprised of electrical, electronic and control engineers, computer scientists, financial and law professionals work hand to hand to deliver innovative solutions at all terms.

Jorge Rivero


Miquel Teixidó

Sales Manager

MSc. Industrial, Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Quim Lopez

R&D Manager

MSc. Industrial, Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Marta Valls

Chief financial officer

MSc. Financial Management

Coia Ferrater

Production, purchase & lab manager

MSc. Industrial and Automatic Engineering

Marta Bergé

Project Manager

MSc. Industrial and Automatic Engineering

Xavier Gil

Production engineer

Energy Engineer

Albert Sánchez

Production engineer

Electronic engineer

Joan Moreno

Application engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Bernat Carceller

Marketing Manager & Key account manager

Industrial Electronics and Automatic Engineer

Jahel Carmona

R&D Engineer

MSc. Automatic and Industrial Computing

Pol Olivella

Laboratory technician

Industrial Electronics and Automatic Engineer

María Valls

Administration & accounting support

Law Graduate

Gabriel Gross

R&D Senior Engineer

MSc. Electrical, Industrial Electronics and Automatic Engineering

Federico Cardos

Purchasing & Assembly Supervisor

Electronics Technician

Miquel Pérez

Mechanical Assembler

Automation and Electronics Technician

Lluc Zaera


Industrial Electrical, Electronics and Automatic Engineer

Jordi Montmany


Industrial Technologies Engineer

David Varas


Industrial Electronics and Automatic Engineer

Juan Jesus Adán

Cristobal Lopez

Marc Àlvarez

Alejandro Perez

Eudald Anglí

Xavi Montañes

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