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Comemso and CINERGIA, offering together high quality test solutions for your needs

We have created a document with comemso about the solutions and alternatives that we can offer together in electromobility applications.

There are two main factors involved in the charging process of an electric vehicle: power (energy) and communications. By combining CINERGIA and Comemso solutions both needs can be tested/simulated.

Comemso’s solutions make complex charging processes easy to analyse and test. The communication with an EV or an EVSE can be simulated, analyzed and its conformity with standards verified, including the four most common charging standards: AC/DC-CCS Type 1 + Type 2, CHAdeMO and GB/T China.

CINERGIA’s regenerative power supplies will allow to test the external charger (EVSE), the onboard charger and the battery while saving energy and reducing the power needed from the grid. Power range goes from 7.5kW to 160kW and can be extended by connecting units in serial and parallel.  

Together, we can provide powerful and advanced test systems for EVs or EVSEs.

Discover the numerous testing options in the attached document. For further details, personal advice, product demonstrations and individual solutions, please contact us via: and

We look forward to implementing your next project!

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by Luzerta