Regenerative Power Converters


Who we are

CINERGIA is the result of more than ten years of experience in the conception, design, manufacture and commissioning of customized power electronics solutions. Our core competencies are the development of power electronics converters, DSP-based digital control, industrial communications and process automation. Our know-how is the result of continuous R+D in the fields of electrical conversion, electromobility, renewable resources and smart grids.

Our Products

CINERGIA supplies high-technology products based on an industrial hardware platform designed to work 24/7. By using different DSP firmware, developed by CINERGIA, our standard product portfolio includes DC, AC and DC&AC power sink/sources.   

Thanks to its bidirectional topology all our products can regenerate the test energy back to the grid, reducing the energy consumption and optimizing the electrical installation.
Our Value
We provide cutting edge technology at cost-competitive prices thanks to the combination of a robust industrial platform with CINERGIA’s proprietary control system. 
We can adapt our solutions to your specific needs and provide the engineering support to achieve the desired result thanks to the knowledge and experience of our engineering team.

QUALITY POLICY of CINERGIA's activities in Design, production and commercialization of power supplies.