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New update of our GE&EL datasheet

We are pleased to present the last update for the GE&EL datasheet, the most complete and versatile converter in the regenerative energy testing market.

The main novelty is the update of the datasheet considering the new ePLUS control platform. During the next weeks we will do the same with the rest of our product datasheets. 

The new ePLUS platform, as we announced weeks ago, will have a more powerful DSPs that will add new features to our products.

The main changes and innovations of our new control platform are:

  • Master/slave connection for up to 8 units using a fiber optic link to increase power/voltage capabilities:
    • GE mode: can be connected in parallel
    • EL mode: can be connected in parallel
    • B2C: can be connected in parallel, serial or serial/parallel
  • Improved control. 30kHz closed control loop frequency with 300kHz oversampling technique.
  • More harmonics. 50 per phase with 20 free harmonics in AC models.
  • Delta connection added to the star connection, for the EL mode in AC.
  • Selectable slew rate in DC for the fastest transients and highest stability.
  • Optimized RLC Mode. RMS or instantaneous RLC model for anti-islanding test.

Along with these improvements, we ensure the same robustness, electrical ratings and bandwidth as the previous PLUS platform.

In our datasheets you will find everything you need to know about our products, from general descriptions to the most important features, highlights and applications for which they can be used. 

For any further information, CINERGIA’s team will be always available to help you.



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