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Discover how to test photovoltaic inverters in a closed energy loop

CINERGIA’s DC Programmable Power Supplies are designed to generate a controlled DC source or load, but they can also behave as a battery charger, battery emulator, or as a photovoltaic panel emulator.

We can provide all the power devices needed to test photovoltaic inverters in a closed energy loop. On such a platform, the total power and energy consumption of the grid will be reduced to the losses of the power converters involved in the test, typically in the range of 20-35% of the power generated by the Inverter under test. In R&D, the main advantage will be the reduction in power required: a 100kW Inverter could be tested in a laboratory with a 20 to 35kW installation. In burn-in and end-of-line tests, the energy savings will be added to a significant reduction in the energy bill.

In the following document, we provide the necessary information to control the DC converter behaving as a PV Panel Emulator:

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by Luzerta