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High Frequency (Avionics)

CINERGIA has developed a line of regenerative Electronic Load products capable of working in a frequency range of 360 to 900Hz. It was designed to simulate the different loads that can be found in the aircraft. This family of products includes 3 models designed to provide all the necessary tools to perform tests in this field. 

All products include the high-frequency feature, and in addition, are combined with other functionalities, in AC and DC. 

CINERGIA’s EL+ vHF has two main advantages: it allows significant energy and power savings. And secondly, allows better control and greatly simplifies testing. 

CINERGIA’s EL+ vHF/AC emulates the electrical behaviour of passive and active devices connected to the grid. In addition, its grid stage as an Active Rectifier produces clean sinusoidal currents with very low harmonic distortion, it will emulate the 50/60Hz loads in the aircraft.

CINERGIA’s EL+ vHF/DC can create a +270/0/-270V network, emulate a DC load profile or even emulate the back up battery. It also includes specific software that will allow the testing and characterisation of the batteries.

High Frequency Electronic Load

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by Luzerta