Cinergia Cinergia

We are very happy to present our new product catalogue

A renewed catalogue, where we have updated each of the products to the new ePlus control platform. A platform that, as we explained before, improves our product range providing new features and improvements including:

  • Master/slave connection for up to 8 units using a fiber optic link to increase power/voltage capabilities:
    • GE mode: can be connected in parallel
    • EL mode: can be connected in parallel
    • B2C: can be connected in parallel, serial or serial/parallel
  • Improved control. 30kHz closed control loop frequency with 300kHz oversampling technique.
  • More harmonics. 50 per phase with 20 free harmonics in AC models.
  • Delta connection added to the star connection, for EL mode in AC.
  • Selectable slew rate in DC for the fastest transients and highest stability.
  • Optimized RLC Mode. RMS or instantaneous RLC model for anti-islanding test.

In this new catalogue you will find all the detailed information of our products, the different models, the characteristics of our software and the applications in which we can give service.

As for the design, we have chosen to offer a catalogue with valuable information accompanied by a modern design, with images of our equipment, isometric drawings, following the aesthetic line of our website.

Enjoy it as much as we do and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.



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      by Luzerta