Regenerative Power Converters

MEDOW - Multi-terminal DC grid for offshore wind generation

Cinergia Solutions: 

This project is a FP-7 project funded by the European Commission and led by the Cardiff University (UK).

In this proposal, DC power flow, DC relaying protection, steady state operation, dynamic stability, fault-ride through capability, and impacts of DC grids on the operation of AC grids and power market will be studied. Systematic comparison of DC grid topologies and stability control strategies will be carried out. DC grids for offshore wind power transmission and onshore AC grid interconnection will be investigated. Operation and control will be evaluated using various simulation platforms and experimental test rigs.

This project will recruit 12 early-stage researchers (ESRs) and 5 experienced researchers (ERs). These researchers will receive interdisciplinary and intersectoral trainings in different countries to improve career opportunities. Research results will be disseminated through publications, intellectual properties, and direct application in the industries. MEDOW offers a development path to researchers across Europe in the area of DC grids, in addition to fostering greater ties between industry and academia in this key development area.

The MEDOW consortium involves 11 partners (5 universities and 6 industrial organisations).