Regenerative Power Converters

Regenerative AC and DC Electronic Loads

Electronic Loads are designed for testing electrical and electronic equipment in linear and non-linear consumptions. This equipment has energy recovery capability which allows saving energy during the equipment tests returning the energy to the grid (saves more than 90%).

The main application of an Electronic Load is testing UPS, Renewable Inverters, AC and DC sources and electrical equipment (inductors, transformers, switches, fuses and circuit breakers) in Industrial and R&D environment. With Electronic Loads is possible to verify the functionality of the power source or the electrical equipment under test in normal and fault operation.

It may be produced according to the required needs.

Generic Description: 
Electronic loads are designed to test equipment and applications where linear and non linear loads are required. The equipment is programmable in order to facilitate the use in industrial and R&D environments. The regenerative functionality allows the use of the equipment in applications where the test needs long time to stabilization, for example in temperature stabilization for power equipment like UPS or transformers in production verification. The equipment can work with low voltages because it has a Boost Converter for adapt the voltage levels and allowing the energy recovery to the power grid.