Regenerative Power Converters

Regenerative Battery Testers: Charge / Discharge / Cycling

Battery Testing is a functionality that enables the user to precisely control the charge, discharge and cycling of a Battery. Basic parameters include the charge/discharge current, fast charge and floating voltages while Advanced parameters add Energy (Ah) and Time as transition conditions. Profiles for each Battery technology can be saved and imported in CSV files. Battery Testing functionality is integrated in the B2C+ series as well as in the DC mode of GE+ vAC/DC, EL+ vAC/DC and GE/EL+ vAC/DC.
Generic Description: 
The Bidirectional Battery Charger is a regenerative AC/DC converter designed to generate a controlled DC output from 12 to 750V. Its main application is the charge and discharge of batteries, or other DC storage systems. It produces important energy savings in battery testing or characterization when regenerating the stored energy to the grid.