Regenerative Power Converters

Regenerative DC Power Supplies & Grid Emulators

Programmable Power Supplies and Grid Emulators equipments are designed to generate a voltage or a current adapted to the customer needs. It can be programmed in order to generate different effects in the customer loads like the emulation of electrical grids in normal and fault operation, solar array simulator or battery simulator. As a first step they act as a electric power source, but with specific perfomances.

All the range of our Programmable Power Supplies and Grid Emulators allows great flexibility to evaluate all type of scenarios. They can generate different type of grids and its common faults and disturbances.

One interesting utility is that they may behave like usual situations where Distributed Energy Resources (DER) must be studied. In these scenarios, is important having flexible equipment with capabilities for delivering, consuming or storing energy from or to the grid.

It may be customised.

It has to be mentioned that another programmable power supply designed by CINERGIA is the multilevel DC converter.

Generic Description: 
CINERGIA’s DC Programmable Power Supplies are regenerative power supplies designed to generate a controlled DC source or load. This equipment has energy recovery capability which allows saving energy during the working period by returning the energy to the mains (saves up to 92%).
Generic Description: 
Grid emulators are specially designed for emulate grid disturbances. Each equipment integrates VSC modules and DSP control boards equipped with all necessary power components, electrical protections, auxiliary electronics and security elements. The power electronics unit of each emulator is a back to back topology formed by 2 voltage source converters connected in series. It is a multifunctional AC-AC converter that shows a wide range of applications.