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EL+ vAC/DC Full

EL+ vAC/DC Full

Regenerative AC/DC Electronic Load

CINERGIA’s EL+ vAC/DC is the most versatile regenerative Current Source product in the market for energy testing in AC and DC applications. Its Bidirectional and Regenerative Hardware based on a back-to-back power conversion topology allows saving energy and power. Moreover, thanks to its flexibility, this device becomes crucial in two main areas: testing and R&D. The main applications for this device are Smart grids, Renewable Energy, Storage Systems, Electromobility, Avionics and Power HiL.

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-Bidirectional and Regenerative
-Clean grid current: THDi < 3% and PF > 0.98 Same Power in DC and AC

-13 models from 7.5kW to 160kW Parallelization of units to increase the power

-Emulation of grid-connected devices:

  • Loads absorbing energy from grid
  • Generators injecting energy to the grid
  • Programmable Active/Reactive consumption
  • Non-linear currents up to CF of 3

-Independent phase configuration of: rms current, phase angle, harmonics, interharmonics, generation of fast transients (“Current Dips”)

-Intuitive User Interface
-Modbus/Ethernet Open protocol, Labview drivers

Efficiency and Flexibility

Save Energy, Power and Time

Full options and power in AC&DC

Smartgrids & Electrical Vehicles

High-Resolution and Dynamics

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