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The All-Terrain AC/DC Regenerative Converter

The GE/EL+ vAC/DC is the most complete and versatile converter in the regenerative energy testing market. This product gets-together the whole CINERGIA’s catalogue in a single unit combining the functionalities of a Grid Simulator (GE), an Electronic Load (EL) and a DC Bidirectional (B2C). This All-Terrain converter is suitable for most applications in the field of Renewable Energies, Smartgrids and ESS, PV Panel Emulation and PV Inverter Testing, Anti-islanding, Power HiL, IEC Testing, Battery testing and Electrical Vehicles.

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-Bidirectional and Regenerative

-Clean grid current: THDi < 3% and PF > 0.98

-Same power in DC and AC 13 models from 7.5kW to 160kW

-Parallelization of units to increase the power

-Operation Modes:

  • Complete DC Load/Source
  • Full 4Q AC Grid Emulator
  • Power Amplifier for Power HiL
  • Full 4Q AC Electronic Load
  • Battery Emulation and Testing
  • PV Panel Emulation

-Intuitive User Interface

-Modbus/Ethernet Open protocol, Labview drivers

Efficiency and Flexibility

Save Energy, Power and Time

Versatility All-Terrain

Smooth Integration

High-Resolution and Dynamics

GE&EL ePLUS vAC/DC: The most complete converter in the regenerative energy testing market

CINERGIA is a knowledge-based company that provides high technology products and services adapted to the needs of our customers in the field of power conversion.

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