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Regenerative AC Grid Simulator

GE+ vAC is a 4Q programmable AC Voltage Source designed to create both stable and distorted AC grids with a predefined IEC testing software. This cost-competitive Bidirectional and Regenerative solution allows Independent phase configuration of: voltage rms, phase angle, frequency and harmonics. It is a device suitable to perform AC testing in Applications for Industry and Education, Renewable Energy Sources, Smartgrids, IEC Testing, EV and EVSE and, PV Inverter Testing, Power HIL and, in general, grid connected devices.

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-Bidirectional and Regenerative
-Clean grid current: THDi < 3% and PF > 0.98


-13 models from 7.5kW to 160kW

-Parallelization of units to increase the power


-Generation of Worldwide electrical grids: 3-phase / 1-phase / split phase / Multichannel

-Independent phase configuration of: voltage rms, phase angle, frequency and harmonics

-Generation of disturbances: harmonics, interharmonics, subharmonics, voltage dips frequency variaton, flicker

-Disturbance Generation Editor compatible with IEC, LVRT, SEMI-F47, CBEMA test standards


-Intuitive User Interface
-Modbus/Ethernet Open protocol, Labview drivers

Efficiency and Flexibility

Harmonics Generation

AC only

Smooth Integration

High-Resolution and Dynamics

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