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EL+ vHiL

EL+ vHiL

Regenerative AC/DC Electronic Load - EL+ vHiL

The EL+ vHiL is CINERGIA’s Current Source optimized in performance and price for Power Hardware in the Loop applications. This version is an Optimized version for PHiL that keeps the software and functionalities of CINERGIA’s EL+ vAC and it includes Power Amplifier functions to interact with Real Time Control Systems. Besides Avionic, EV, EVSE, and Smart grids, this product’s main applications include Power HIL, PV Inverter Emulation and Battery Testing Emulation.

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-Bidirectional and Regenerative
-Clean grid current: THDi < 3% and PF > 0.98

-13 models from 7.5kW to 160kW Parallelization of units to increase the power

-Emulation of grid-connected devices:

  • Loads absorbing energy from grid
  • Generators injecting energy to the grid
  • Programmable Active/Reactive consumption
  • Non-linear currents up to CF of 3

-Independent phase configuration of: rms current, phase angle, harmonics, interharmonics, generation of fast transients (“Current Dips”)

-Intuitive User Interface
-Modbus/Ethernet Open protocol, Labview drivers

Efficiency and Flexibility

Save Energy, Power and Time

Optimized version for PHiL

Smartgrids & Electrical Vehicles

Power Amplifier

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