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High Frequency Electronic Load - EL+ vHF

CINERGIA offers a unique Regenerative AC Electronic Load designed to work in a 360 to 900Hz frequency range, used mainly in aircraft generator’s test platforms. The use of this equipment has two main advantages. On the one hand, it allows significant energy and power savings, as morethan 90% of the energy is fed back into the grid. Being, in many occasions, the energy saving the most important point since energy requirements of the laboratory will be reduced to the losses of the motor-generator bank plus the losses of the electronic load. On the other hand, it allows better control and greatly simplifies testing. Common test procedures require the generator to be loaded with a fixed power factor (cos fi) while the generator speed (and therefore frequency) changes. This requires a continuous adaptation of the inductance value to maintain  a constant cos fi throughout the frequency sweep. The use of real inductors requires the use of many inductors, which will be switched on or off to modify the inductance or the use of variable. With CINERGIA’s High-Frequency Electronic loads it is only necessary to set the desired current and delay (cos fi) and the dynamic PLL will automatically synchronise the current with the voltage keeping the power factor fixed.

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